Curriculum 1990-1999

1990 - 1999


  • In 37 days he climbs Pik Lenin (7134 meters), Pik Korjenevska (7105), Pik Komunism (7495) and Pik Khan Tengri (7010): he is the second man in history to have achieved this “mountaineering marathon”.


  • Attempt on Everest (Himalayas, 8848 meters) along the north ridge. He reaches 8200 meters, but he stops due to the danger of avalanches.


  • The Annapurna expedition (Himalayas, 8091 meters) along the south face is interrupted by an avalanche at 6300 meters. Simone survives, while his climbing partners Anatolij Nikoliavich Boukreev and Dimitri Sobolev are killed. 
  • He reaches the summit of Lhotse (Himalayas, 8516 meters).
  • He climbs a number of icefalls graded extreme (M8).


  • He reaches the north-west summit of Shisha Pangma (Himalayas, 8013 meters).
  • He attempts Dhaulagiri (Himalayas, 8167 meters). He is forced to stop at 7200 m due to bad weather conditions.
  • He finishes the quick ascent and descent of Fitz Roy (Andes, 3441 meters) in 25 hours, climbing the west face.


  • He climbs Kanchenjunga (Himalayas 8596 meters). He stops at 7600 m due to bad weather conditions.


  • Speedy ascent of Lhotse (Himalayas, 8516 meters) from 6300 meters in seventeen hours.
  • He attempts the ascent of Shisha Pangma (Himalayas, 8013 meters), but stops at 7400 m due to avalanche danger.
  • He climbs a number of routes in Italy up to 8b.


  • Speedy ascent of Aconcagua (Argentinian Andes, 6962 m) in thirteen hours. He also attempts the south face, but stops at 6200 metres due to an avalanche.
  • He opens a new winter route and quickly climbs the north face of Cerro Mirador (Argentinean Andes, 6089 meters). 
  • Climbs Makalu solo (Himalayas, 8462 metres) up the Kukuczka route. 
  • Solo climb and stop at 8300 m.


  • First expedition to Everest (Himalayas, 8848 metres) Stop at 7400 m.
  • He becomes part of the Italian sports climbing team as a coach!