Simone’s Philosophy: Never stop dreaming and trying what you thought was impossible. Almost impossible is the only thing that exists.

Simone’s Values: Optimism Tenacity Perseverance Humility Generosity.

Simone’s Themes: Dreams, objectives, limits, fear, success, failure, the team, leadership, are just some of the themes which emerge from the tales of his experiences.

Exploration Conferences

During his conferences, with the screening of films on his last 5 years of mountaineering career, Simone tells us how he climbs and his approach to life.

"I have always been inspired by great explorers like Walter Bonatti and Reinhold Messner, who were not only leading protagonists of memorable undertakings, but were able, in an era without satellite phones or the web, to make their adventure known to an entire generation, accompanying them to remote places and inaccessible summits.
I have combined my dream of living alpinism daily with sharing my alpinism with everyone who like me shares a true and uncontrollable passion for mountains. And that is why even at 8000m, at -50° C with not much oxygen and exhausted I still pull out my camera to capture those moments. The strong desire to relive with others the unique emotions experienced in those places only inhabited by the gods. I feel privileged and it is a pleasure as well as a duty to get everyone to the top with me." Simone

Motivational Conferences

Motivation, effort, dedication, passion: are all issues which are close to our hearts, both at work and in life, but which difficulties and uncertainties put to the test every day.

For an alpinist Everest is not simply a peak to reach, it is the reason for which it is worth growing, for which it is worth walking from base camp to the top, across crevasses, successes, sudden storms, moments of discouragement and encounters.

That rock and ice massif is the metaphor of life; a route along which different roads can be taken, in which turning back becomes a virtue, where you find true friends as well as people you cannot trust.

What do business managers and sales agents have in common and what can inspire them.. from experiences that Simone has accomplished, twenty years of expeditions which have brought great satisfaction, but also great difficulties and sacrifices before reaching the top of the dream of climbing the earth’s highest peak?

Each one of Simone’s conferences is created personally on the basis of the aims and requirements presented.

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